Spring into Gold Photoshoot

it was the calm before the storm

Southern California was hit with a storm that gave us over 6 inches of rain in a 24hour period. News stations and radio warned of landslides, closed highways, oak trees giving out under the weight of a long drought and casting their final words on top of a parked truck. It was historic.

Just four hours before it started; Jay and Ryan of BurgundyBlue Photography met me at the Ojai Love Center; a beautiful home surrounded by (sturdy) old growth Oak trees, a small outside garden that housed a gorgeous, live-edge table that we immediately gravitated towards for our tablescape shoot. 

We considered ourselves lucky to be able to have the most amazing lighting and within moments Ryan and Jay began to create their magic. 

It’s all over the news; haven’t you heard?! Carnations are making a sweet, sweet comback. No longer Nana’s boring flower bunch, these timeless staples in beautiful antique and modern colors are creating a romantic atmosphere that just cannot be ignored.
I absolutely adore how wild and textural scabiosa and sweet pea’s are! They twist and turn, and add such fun shapes to any arrangement.
We have been so lucky to be able to work closely with one of Ojai’s own ceramicists, Mark Churchill. He uses the most amazing glazes that are in a range of whites, creams, greens and greys that work perfectly with our arrangements. Recently we collaborated on these gorgeous succulent, taper candle holders.