a local renaissance

Whoever decided roses would be the eternal symbol of love for Valentines Day was clearly not a farmer. 

Here in the U.S., over 80% of the flowers you find at the large flower markets, in your grocery store, or in a florists shop have been imported from Chile, Ecuador, Europe, Colombia, Kenya, and all over the world. Using a variety of chemicals and unsustainable agricultural practices, some of the farms in these countries are able to extend their seasons and produce a huge amount of blooms that they ship all over the world. Most of these operations do not take care of their land, exploit their workers and create a massive carbon footprint to get that stem into your arrangement. 

The journey of a single rose stem from Ecuador (one of the largest growers of roses) may take anywhere from four days to over a week! Once they are cut they are dipped in giant vats fungicide and insecticide, tucked neatly in a box, and loaded onto a plane to make their way to Miami, Florida; our nation's largest floral custom agency! They are then inspected for bugs or fungus (if found they need to toss out the order!) and put onto another plane to make their way to your local grocery, florist or distributor. In all that time they have yet to take a sip of water. This process happens every single day. On Dog Days Farm our flowers are able to mature on their own time and once we get an order or an event, we will cut our flowers the day before or the day of to ensure the freshest flowers for you. 

But don't be disheartened! Every day there is a person or couple who are seeing the inherent value in getting back to their land, as we have. We want the joy in giving and receiving flowers to be just that; joyful! Without the added guilt of supporting an unsustainable industry! We may not have peonies, but we can grow a variety of flowers that you might not see anywhere else. At Dog Days Farm and with our flower design business, TopaFlora, we are members of our community that wanted to give back; to feed your eyes and not just your mouths. We've decided against sacrificing delicate beauty and fragrance for longevity and shipment-sturdy stems to provide something so amazing and unique, just like you and our community