strong foundations

Sean and MacKenzie met in 2016 when MacKenzie needed some extra hands and help building a 60 foot greenhouse on their first farm, TopaFlora. After a week of hard work, they knew it was fate and continued to lay the foundations for their relationship and business.


Husband and Wife duo, MacKenzie and Sean, are the hearts and hands behind Thiselle Creek Farm. Fueled by their love for each other, the environment, and their greater community in the Pacific Northwest.

Sean earned his degree in business and finance from CSULB and then went on to travel the world as a boat captain, gaining inspiration from countless countries and cultures that you can see in his designs. His background helps him run the business side of the farm and is constantly scheming up new ideas and projects that will benefit the land and his family. He is a master carpenter and loves a good deal, often finding building materials in someones backyard, on craigslist or from Habitat Restore to create beautiful and functional works of art.

MacKenzie was born and raised in Ojai, CA. Her parents allowed her a free-range childhood in their mountain home where she gained her inspiration from the abundant diversity of the valley’s flora and fauna. With 6 years farming experience and 4 years in floral design for weddings and events, there is a clear relationship in how working with the land has inspired her style of arrangements. She loves working with flowers and bringing her clients' visions to life using sustainable and locally grown flowers. MacKenzie enjoys the people side of the business and runs the social media and outreach for Thiselle Creek Farm.


Their first farm, TopaFlora, was a 2 acre flower farm in Ojai, CA and was hit by the Thomas Fire in December 2017. After much discussion Sean and MacKenzie uprooted themselves and settled on a property just north of PDX in Clark County. Here they are revitalizing an old 1910 farmhouse and 20 acres where they are restoring the land that has been mostly fallow since the 1970s. Currently raising a herd of 20 Dorper sheep (and growing!) for meat, Indian Runner ducks for eggs, and have planted a small fruit and cutting orchard. They were able to save their Blue Globe Thistle from Thomas Fire and are planting a 1/2 acre of Peonies for wholesale cuts.

Thiselle Creek Farm is not certified organic, but they are committed to raising meat and growing fruits, vegetables and flowers in a sustainable and natural fashion. We use manure from local barns, mix our own compost tea, create mixes of essential-oils for pest-management, rotate our field and pastures, and use a variety of proven land-management practices to ensure the continued health of our soil.